Richard Dawkins: Consistently Baffled by Stupidity

A compilation of moments where Richard Dawkins is baffled by the stupidity, ignorance, delusion, and bizarre logic that surrounds him. In every one of these clips Dawkins is always the smartest one in the room.

Feel the face palm.

Why Does Anyone Believe the Bible?

This was the Secular Student Alliance eastern national conference at Ohio State University in Columbus on 2013/07/13. I only had a half hour to speak and they started me off late, so I ran way over. That was awkward. In retrospect, I think I was giving two different 20 minute talks that day. Plus it is obvious that I ride a motorcycle over thirty miles a day in the Texas sun, because I have an obvious tan line from my bandana. Must do something about that next time.

Sam Harris: Mindfulness is Powerful, But Keep Religion Out of It

Sam Harris says that stress-reductive benefits of meditation are rather trivial compared to the insights one can discover about the nature of the self.

And though such mindfulness practices can and should be approached secularly, the business of religion is all too often a forced and unnecessary part of the parcel.

Harris is the author of Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion

Bill Nye on Communicating with the Scientifically Illiterate

Bill Nye (The Science Guy) gives the Keynote talk and lets us in on his preparation for the "Ham on Nye" Creation Museum debate that took place in February 2014 in Kentucky.

Bill Nye currently serves as director of The Planetary Society and is one of America’s leading popularizers of the scientific outlook. As a student at Cornell University, he was introduced to the wonders of astronomy in a class taught by Carl Sagan himself. Nye later served as Frank H.T. Rhodes Class of ’56 professor at Cornell University. Nye has received honorary doctorates from John Hopkins University and Williamette University as well as a Humanist of the Year Award from the American Humanist Association. As a scientist, engineer, comedian, author, and inventor, he hosted Bill Nye the Science Guy, which earned 28 Emmys during its six-year run, The Eyes of Nye, and The 100 Greatest Discoveries. He has made numerous appearances on shows such as The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Real Time with Bill Maher, and Good Morning America. He was even a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Nye has authored several books for children, including Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Great Big Book of Tiny Germs and Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Consider the Following: A Way Cool Set of Science Questions, Answer, and Ideas to Ponder.

Wild Nuns

Ireland's President for Life keeps Wild Nuns in her backgarden who are besotted with her Gardener.

This sketch was filmed for the Love episode in series four of the Savage Eye but was not broadcast.

Atheists Fighting Government Prayer are Basically Hitler: Fox News Pundit Todd Starnes

Fox News radio host Todd Starnes on Tuesday said that atheists and non-religious people were taking the United States down the same road as Nazi Germany by trying to force religion out of government. While guest hosting for Fox News' Sean Hannity on Monday, Eric Bolling celebrated a "rare win for God in America" with Starnes after the Supreme Court upheld religious prayers by government bodies favoring a specific religion.

"Always a good day when the anti-Christian folks get smacked down by the Supreme Court," Starnes quipped.

The Fox News outrage specialist said he wasn't "into the legalese" of the decision, but worried that the fact that the ruling was limited to only "short prayers" meant that there would be future court cases.

Starnes then turned the segment into a pitch for his book, God Less America, arguing that "the Obama administration has been waging a war against people of the Christian faith. It's not covered in the mainstream media, it's covered here at the Fox News Channel."

He predicted that atheists would even sue to have the words "endowed by our creator" retroactively removed from the Declaration of Independence.

"Let's say the atheists are successful in removing creator out of that sentence, alright?" Starnes said. "Who do we put in there? I mean, look, the Germans tried it with Hitler. It didn't work out very well with them. Look at what happened in Italy [with Mussolini]."

In fact, Adolf Hitler often mentioned religion in public speeches, and insisted that God was backing his policies.

"Lord God, give us the strength that we may retain our liberty for our children and our children's children, not only for ourselves but also for the other peoples of Europe, for this is a war which we all wage, this time, not for our German people alone, it is a war for all of Europe and with it, in the long run, for all of mankind," the dictator prayed at the conclusion of a 1942 speech in Berlin.