Lawrence Krauss: The Flavors of Nothing

Theoretical Physicist Lawrence Krauss explains the different types of nothing. Or something.

Krauss' latest book is "A Universe from Nothing".

When you think about nothing you have to be a little more careful than you normally are because, in fact, nothing is a physical concept because it's the absence of something, and something is a physical concept. And what we've learned over the last hundred years is that nothing is much more complicated than we would've imagined otherwise.

For example, the simplest kind of nothing is the kind of nothing of the Bible. Say an infinite empty space, an infinite dark void of the Bible. You know, nothing in it, no particles, no radiation, nothing. Well, that kind of nothing turns out to be full of stuff in a way or at least much more complicated than you might have imagined because due to the laws of quantum mechanics and relativity, we now know that empty space is a boiling bubbling brew of virtual particles that are popping in and out of existence at every moment.

And in fact, for that kind of nothing, if you wait long enough, you're guaranteed by the laws of quantum mechanics to produce something. So the difference between empty space with stuff in it and empty space with nothing in it is not that great anymore. In fact, they're different versions of the same thing. So the transition from nothing to something is not so surprising. Now you might say well that's not good enough because you have space. Where did the space come from? Well, a more demanding definition of nothing is no space, but, in fact, once you apply the laws of quantum mechanics to gravity itself, then space itself becomes a quantum mechanical variable and fluctuates in and out of existence and you can literally, by the laws of quantum mechanics, create universes.

Create spaces and times, where there was no space and time before. So now you got no particles, no radiation, no space, no time, that sounds like nothing. But then you might say, well, you know what, you got the laws of physics. You got the laws of nature. The laws themselves are somehow something; although, I would argue in fact that that is not at all obvious or clear or necessary. But even there, it turns out physics potentially has an answer because we now have good reason to believe that even the laws of physics themselves are kind of arbitrary.

There may be an infinite number of universes, and in each universe that's been created, the laws of physics are different. It's completely random. And the laws themselves come into existence when the universe comes into existence. So there's no pre-existing fundamental law. Anything that can happen, does happen. And therefore, you got no laws, no space, no time, no particles, no radiation. That's a pretty good definition of nothing.

Texas GOP councilwoman Elisa Chan and her staff caught comparing homosexuality to incest, pedophilia.

A secret recording was leaked to the press this Thursday revealing a conversation between a San Antonio Texas GOP councilwoman and her staff — in which the discussion deteriorated into a chorus of harsh anti-gay rhetoric.

James Stevens, who is an aide to San Antonio District 9 Council Woman Elisa Chan, leaked the audio to the San Antonio Express-News, which he secretly recorded during a May 21 meeting in Chan’s office to discuss an approaching non-discrimination ordinance.

However, the nearly 16-minute audio reveals a discussion where staffers compare homosexuality to incest and pedophila, with Chan stating her opinion that gays are “disgusting to even think about.” In addition to her revulsion towards the LGBT community, Chan can be heard saying that she believes being gay is a choice and that gay people should not adopt children.

Kids In The Hall: God Is Dead

"Yes, God did exist, he died. He was very small. Mystery solved." God is dead.

Nietzsche and Kids in the Hall have the body to prove it.

Australia: One Nation Candidate Stephanie Banister Makes Sarah Palin Look Like a Rhodes Scholar

27-year-old mother of two from Queensland, Stephanie Banister, is hoping to represent the One Nation Party in next month’s election in Australia. She has some pretty monumental odds to overcome. She could be disqualified if convicted of charges stemming from an anti-Muslim contamination scare at a shopping center. Banister is due to face a charge of “contaminating or interfering with goods” over allegations she stuck a sticker which read “Beware! Halal food funds terrorism” on Nestle products at her local Woolworths.

Westboro Baptist Church Get Really Pissed off by Brick Stone

Brick finally catches up with the WBC in Malibu.

The Westboro Baptist Church, known for protesting the funerals of children and soldiers with signs reading "God Hates Fags" and "Jews Killed Jesus" went to the Malibu Presbyterian Church and Our Lady of Malibu Catholic Church the morning of Feb. 24th 2013, and Brick Stone (comic Dave Sirus) was there to ruin their day.

Shot by Jordan Santos
Music by Jerumatic

The 700 Club on Dungeons and Dragons

"What you’re about to see now may never appear in a news story, because once people have surrendered absolutely to evil they never allow cameras to record their dark rituals."

In this clip from “Lost Without a Compass,” a promotional video by The 700 Club (part of the Christian Broadcasting Network) from 1993, the group cautions against the evil and dangerous occult practices of Dungeons and Dragons players.

Stephen Fry on American Cults

From ''The Great Disappointment of 1844'' to the ''Rapture of 1988.'' Interesting, quite, and funny. QI with Jo Brand, David Mitchell, Sean Lock and Alan Davies. A BBC production,

Real Actors Read Christian Forums #3

Actor Chris Kipiniak, currently appearing on-Broadway in Alan Cummings' Macbeth is a man who knows his computer is smarter than the average atheist.