Wrath of God

See all the people and animals of Earth.

Smite them with a mighty vengence!!!

Android World

This site is devoted to androids.

An android is an anthropomorphic robot - i.e.

a robot that looks like a human.

Many android developers call their creations "humanoids" rather than androids.

We also have robotics links, robot links, animatronics links, and research links.

Creepy Jesus, With You Always

These [creepy] images are from 11x14 pencil drawings that are the result of an undertaking that began on Thanksgiving Day, 1987.

This guy was awakened in the middle of the night with a clear, vivid impression that the Lord wanted him to do some special drawings -- drawings depicting ordinary people in their everyday environment, with one important addition: the presence of Jesus Christ and His involvement in those routine activities.

People with no religion, 25% of Washington

According to the American Religious Identification Survey 2001 (ARIS), 25% of people in Washington say they have no religion at all, or call themselves atheist, agnostic or secular.

Only 42% say someone in their household is affiliated with a church, synagogue or mosque.

MSTK3K: Dark Dungeons

Mistery Science Theater 3000 parody of the Jack Chick tract about the evils of Dungeons and Dragons gaming titled, Dark Dungeons.

Loosing My Religion

A support site for people leaving the Christian faith.

We're a couple ex-Christians who take issue with the validity of the Christian faith, because of the way it portrays God as an immoral and cruel being, yet tries to present itself as a source of good moral values.

Thai Hell

In some big monasteries there is a garden showing the Buddhist hell or Thai "narok".

It contains statues representing the next life of people who have misbehaved during this life.

For example, people who always think of food will be ghosts that have a small mouth and can not swallow anything.

These statues are really frightening, with blood.

Its aim is to warn people about what will happen if they misbehave.

Boxer Jesus

Hundreds of men, women and children have snapped up the image of Jesus as the "Undefeated" one.

Although you can't see it in these small images, on the boxing gloves is the word Mercy.

On His side is the scar from a previous battle.

Having been corrected by God before, I have always been grateful for any mercy to soften the blow.


Even if YOU don't know what faith you are, Belief-O-Matic knows.

Answer 20 questions about your concept of God, the afterlife, human nature, and more, and Belief-O-Matic will tell you what religion (if any) you practice...or ought to consider practicing.

Warning: Belief-O-Matic assumes no legal liability for the ultimate fate of your soul.


Anyone can be a Santa.

All it takes is a red suit and a white beard and strangers will treat you like a rich uncle even when you're stinking drunk and fondling their kids and saying things like 'ever seen the north pole, sweetheart?' Oriental Trading Co.

sells the full getup for $25, made in China out of 100% manmade materials by genuine political prisoners.

One size fits all, and no, that ain't no candy cane in my pocket!