Nostradamus Twin Towers Hoax

A supposed 1654 Nostradamus prediction said World War III would begin with the fall of "two brothers," a reference to the destroyed World Trade Center towers.

The Miraculous Lava Lamp

Mother Theresa heads float in a lava lampwhile the Pope watches on at his favorite sporty little table.

It's Time for Jesus Dress Up

The new and improved dress up Jesus site.

What does a dashing Christ where to a cruxification? Would the bell bottoms and cute halter say "I'm hip, I'm phat, I'm too cool to die"? Maybe the light-hearted pink tutu and bunny slippers would lend an air of frivolity to the event.

Or perhaps the tux and tails to reflect the somber occasion? You decide.

Aren't blasphemy and sacrilege fun?

You Are Going to Hell

Don't kid yourself HELL is real!..

The Devil has some thinking that there is no HELL..

He is a master Liar since he invented it.

I assure you when you get to HELL you will think differently...