Harris takes questions from a variety of online sources. Entire clip is an hour, so to jump to an individual question, click on the links at the YT site and/or read below:

1. Eternity and the meaning of life 0:42

2. Do we have free will? 4:43

3. How can we convince religious people to abandon their beliefs? 14:52

4. How can atheists live among the faithful? 19:09

5. How should we talk to children about death? 21:52

6. Does human life have intrinsic value? 26:01

7. Why should we be confident in the authority of science? 30:36

8. How can one criticize Islam after the terrorism in Norway? 35:43

9. Should atheists join with Christians against Islam? 41:50

10. What does it mean to speak about the human mind objectively? 45:17

11. How can spiritual claims be scientifically justified? 50:14

12. Why can't religion remain a private matter? 54:52

13. What do you like to speak about at public events? 58:09

Sam Harris, author of the New York Times bestsellers, The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, and The Moral Landscape, answers questions submitted by readers.

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